Movie: Flight of the Navigator

Top 10 Billed Cast

Joey Cramer
Joey Cramer

David Scott Freeman

Paul Reubens
Paul Reubens

Max (voice)

Veronica Cartwright
Veronica Cartwright

Helen Freeman

Cliff DeYoung
Cliff DeYoung

Bill Freeman

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

Carolyn McAdams

Matt Adler
Matt Adler

Jeff (16 years)

Howard Hesseman
Howard Hesseman

Dr. Louis Faraday

Robert Small
Robert Small


Jonathan Sanger
Jonathan Sanger

Dr. Carr

Richard Liberty
Richard Liberty

Mr. Howard

Video Trailer Flight of the Navigator

Video: Flight Of The Navigator

Flight Of The Navigator

Flight Of The Navigator

Flight of the Navigator (1986) - HD Trailer

Flight of the Navigator (1986) - HD Trailer

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